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CaliforniaVaccine.com  for your discount Immunization or Travel Health         

Dr. Arani Medical center, immunization and travel section, sponsered of CaliforniaVaccine.com for your up to date Vaccination and travel health.



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Walk in anytime Visit, low Price vaccines, No appointment needed ! , Typhoid $75 Discount code 2CV09 Yellow Fever $95

$20 walk in Travel doctor visit

Exact Same Vaccine at much Lower Price


Travel MD Doctor Visit Today will cover following:

  • Board Certified Doctor(MD) Consultation for Your travel advice (not a nurse visit)
  • Ask all your questions from experience doctor in travel health and not a nurse
  • Traveler Health and your saftey
  • immunization recommendation
  • No advance appointment or other restriction applies for your convenience walk in
  • 14 days free follow up with MD (for possible subsequent need/services, vaccinations, visit or questions)
  • Our vaccines are discounted
  • We always have most of our vaccines ready
  • Travel safety notes



Competitive low Price for standard Vaccines

Dr. Arani Medical facility sponsered of CaliforniaVaccine.com for immunization of various

preventable diseases. We have a wide variety of vaccines in our center for administration for

different age and purpose such as traveling arround the world. All our vaccines are FDA approved

fresh and stored in temperature regulated environment in consider to manufacture recommendation.  

We are  official center by department of Health to administer certain regulated vaccine such as

yellow. Dr. Arani held official California"State Uniform Stamp"   well recognized, For your

international certification for your travel  




Hepatitis B    Hepatitis A      Typhoid        Influenza Polio    MMR     

Tetanus   HPV Meningococcal    DTaP  Japanese Encephalitis &

Yellow Fever  (may call in advance) Malaria Prophylaxis

For certain vaccine such as japanese encephalitis please call in advance regarding availability.

Please bring your vaccination card /certificate so we stamp it for you. If you are first time traveler and do not have certificate

please inform us in advance as this may be needed for entry to certain country. We  could also check your titer (blood test)

to confirm some of your previous immunization.



          10 hidden reasons to choose us


  Dr. Arani Medical Center

   Other Urgent Care, 


 Consultation Fee

 Fair low


 Follow Up Visit

 Free unlimited for 14 days

  Additional $49-200

 Vaccine Price , Fee





Compare us , due to high volume we able to give you discounted saving

-----------------------------------Anytime, walk in

 Feel free to ask and compare



Must have advance appointment, considering short notice for your travel

Injection fee

 No Additional fee

 $20-$35 for each shot

Vaccine Availability

we usually have most fresh vaccine available for same day administration

wait 1-2 weeks in order to order your vaccine


 Not Needed

 Need it in Advance

 Extra Time

No additional charges, ask all your questions for the same $20 fee

$49-90 for each 15 min !  


Quality of Care

 You will know that you will see Dr. Arani himself, Read about Him

It depends of what you get assigned for by clinic or supermarket.

Always ask for the doctor's name and credential and experience and not just the clinic or supermarket name.

 Name of your doctor and his credential that you will plan to see


 Mostly unknown , you just know the business or clinic name

sponsored by chain or super markets !


We are open Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM  & Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM.


          Please Call for Directions

                  For your convenience we have extended our phone lines        
    TEL  [323]-231-6000, 818-897-8000

        Welcome Walk-ins

          4524 San Pedro Place

          Los Angeles, CA 90011

..............((Free Parking in Rear          



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In case of emergency you must go to your nearest emergency room or call 911 




Yellow Fever Vaccine


Hepatitis A Vaccine


Typhoid Vaccine


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