Quick Walk in & out

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Overall, visitors spent an average of 3.2 hours in the ER in the United States If you are coming for the first time then it takes about 10 minutes to fill up forms and make up a medical file for you. Then you see the doctor based on first come first serve. For future visit then you just sign your name and you will be seen by doctor within 15 minutes on average ( longer on rush hours and days and shorter on slow days). We have 2 vital sign rooms , usually 5 staff member and between 5-8 active exam room depends on how busy we are. If you would like to have advance appointment and to be seen on exact schedule then please see your primary care physician as we are walk in clinic.

Doctor will spend time with you to address all your concern and questions.

many laboratory tests will be done in matter of few minutes in our onsite lab for immediate doctor evaluation and preparation of treatment plan if needed. At this time we are limiting our new patient registration please call in advance. 


In Case of emergency you must go to your nearest emergency room or call 911



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